Will the REAL Redfur please stand up?

Lexie Redfur


Lexie Redfur was spotted on the Lower East Side – far from her usual stomping ground – coming out of a pawn shop. Just what the Mayor’s niece, in all her high-society glory, would be doing in such an unsavory area was the question of the hour, as the media studied the picture with salivating disbelief. After a claim that something about her jewelry looked off, our cameras zeroed in on the socialite’s signature bracelet, which sports three precious gems – ruby, emerald and diamond stones, respectively. Upon inspection, we began to speculate that it might not be the real thing.
This was later confirmed by DeZyne, owner of Fashions by DeZyne Boutique. When asked just how much he estimated the bracelet to be worth, he claimed it “depends on the vending machine she bought it from.” Shocking, since the family heirloom – which once belonged to her deceased mother – is reportedly worth a small fortune. So now two questions have been raised. Why was Lexie Redfur so far from home, in an area best avoided after dark? And why is she wearing imitation jewelry instead of the real thing?
Night on Town - Tail Towns Friends FigurineThe answer? It turns out the fox in question was not Redfur at all! The photograph was, in fact, that of Manhattan Burrows – a Lexie carbon copy and socialite wanna-be, notorious for her “Nights on the Town”.
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  1. Aida says:

    Both of them beautiful and each of them with their own personality and charm! I would like a figurine of Lexie too!

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    how adorable!!

  3. Doremi says:

    want to have them both

  4. trad says:

    Hey very interesting blog!

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