This Rosebush Has Thorns!

Hey everyone! Val VonScribe here.
Got an anonymous call yesterday to meet someone in a dark alley on the outskirts of Greenwood City at midnight. Said they had quite a scoop. Was met by a mouse with a trenchcoat, shades and a cap that refused to speak, other than to tell me in a whisper,his name was Dwight Knight. A pseudonym, if I’d ever heard one!
He presented some papers to me, which I’ll share with you over the next few days.


Here is what they said…

Meredith Younglove is a cougar in every sense of the word. And as a Lotus Master member of the Beautiful Homes Club – a highly competitive organization known for having any number of feuds brewing on its member panel at a given time – she is also no stranger to brawls. Lest we forget the near smack-down between her and current BHC president, Madison Rosenbloom.

So it comes as no surprise that she is getting ready to duke it out once again – this time with one Petunia Prunepot. Known simply as “The Florist”, the silver-tongued chipmunk may just be the toughest thorn in Meredith’s rosebush.  And as a BHC member herself, Petunia has her fair share of club wins under her belt – awarded to the victor of the décor death matches called Challenges.

So just what is the cause of this rift between the two? Nobody’s saying. Despite publicly taking swipes at one another, neither party involved is willing to divulge more information than to claim it was a “misunderstanding”. A simple misunderstanding caused the dissolution of their joint business venture? Luckily we are all well-versed in modern lingo and know that the prefix mis is code formega story.
We’re also smart enough to note the common denominator in BHC battles past. Hence, an interview with Meredith was promptly scheduled and the revelations made were, as predicted, shockingly scandalous. Spoiler alert: it involves nineteen year old Owen Longtail – a hot, buff new-comer to Greenwood City.
I’ll reveal all the juicy deets of Meredith’s latest feral feud in part two of this story. Stay tuned!
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