Textiles, Seeds, New Items, New Goals, & Winter!!


Textiles introduced!
The Critter stories are not the only things with a lot of threads, new Seeds have arrived that allow Critters to grow and harvest their own Textiles. Right now Aria is the only place that purchases Textiles, but DeZyne has been jealous of the local businesses supplying the Diner and Flower Shop, so we can expect him to make Country a similar offer soon.


The Textile business items include:

Threadberry (Premium)
Fur Balls
Fuzz Vine
Cotton Plant

Storage Sheds
Bronze, Silver and Gold levels

Selling to Aria
Players can sell Textiles to Aria at the Warehouse for Acorns. (More Textile businesses in future releases.)

NPC’s updated!
Your country living friends have not been asleep at the wheel. Cheeser, Iris and Madison all have made significant improvements to their own places to give their friends decorating inspiration and harvest opportunities.

Cheeser Farm
Every Textile Seed has been added to Cheeser Farm
Petunia’s “Flora Majestica Grotto” has been added behind Cheeser’s house
Iris “Mom’s Happy Place” FSI has been added to Iris’ place

Halloween has been removed
Thanksgiving has been added
Chef’s “Dining At Dusk” FSI has been added.

New Goals
4 Wedding Storyline Goals
Location Frustration
Deranged Arrangements
A Little TOO Fresh?
Sew What?

New Valerie VonScribe Information Goal
Gotta Collect Em All!

New Store Items
Winter is Coming! The 1st of the Winter Items are in the Store!

Noel: Mistletoe Manor (premium)
Noel: Papa Snome
Noel: Mama Snome
Noel: Lil’ Snome
Winter: Icy River
Winter: Snow Pile

On behalf of the entire TTF team, enjoy!

6 Responses to Textiles, Seeds, New Items, New Goals, & Winter!!

  1. freyareal says:

    oh my gosh!!!!! How fabulous!!! Exceeded my expectations, gotta go check it out in game now. I can’t wait :)

  2. nancy says:

    Having a good time playing Tail Towns Friends.

  3. sim says:

    Its real fun playing Tail Towns Friends

  4. Reet5 says:

    Enjoying playing Tail Towns Friends….

  5. legodude says:

    Ganz, loving the friends on iPad, make this one for iPad too PLEASE!

  6. Krystal says:

    Is anyone able to tell me when I’ll be able to purchase textile seeds for my own lot?

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