Sleeping With The Enemy (Conclusion)

Our publisher has banned us from printing the sordid details, so we’ll summarize by saying Owen had been fire-roasting seeds when Meredith showed up – shirtless, of course, due to the heat. And as a result of Meredith’s “distraction” the flames spread across the entire front of his store. Cue the fire department – along with some nosy neighbors – and the two, who were in the back and completely oblivious to the raging inferno, were caught in a compromising position. On top of the bags of fertilizer, no less.


Petunia got wind of Meredith’s “un-ladylike behaviour”, dissolved their business partnership, and the two have been feuding ever since. Despite her actions, Meredith claims that Petunia needs to fix her judgmental ways. Petunia’s response is that Meredith needs to be fixed, period. It wouldn’t be fair to say that these two will never reconcile, but we can safely assume it certainly won’t happen anytime soon.
Stay tuned for the next chapter…
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