Pint-sized Menace At Large!

In a bazaar twist, Devin Westbrook was wanted for kidnapping, earlier today. The victim? His own cousin! Known throughout Greenwood as Devin’s adorable cousin, and Iris’ rambunctious great-nephew, eight year old Roy Banner may not be as angelic as he appears.


When Roy was reported missing after school by a concerned Ms. Turner, negligent relative Devin panicked. A search party was formed, and after hours of scouting on foot, Devin decided to drive around and check neighboring parks. As he was pulling away, a vigilant member of the search party spotted a sleeping Roy in the backseat.
Making the assumption that Devin staged the search as a distraction, so he could escape with the “poor boy”, the concerned neighbor called the authorities. An amber alert was issued, and Devin’s vehicle was cornered shortly after.
To be continued…..
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