Pint-sized Menace At Large! (cont’d)

The continuation of Pint-sized Menace At Large!

Devin was immensely relieved to discover Roy had been in the backseat all along, but was not happy with the implication that he tried to kidnap his own cousin. Chaos ensued, which ended in a three mouse pile up at the side of the road. Roused by the commotion, Roy explained that he wanted to prank his cousin, by yelling “Boo!” when he opened the trunk of his hatchback, but fell asleep soon after climbing in.


All was quickly forgiven. In lieu of his amnesia-induced cuteness, we’d like to remind you that this is not the first time Roy’s good intentions have led to near hysteria. His exploits have been relatively harmless, physically, but what about the mental anguish caused? Is Devin capable of looking after his young ward, or is he an unfit guardian? Is Roy truly as innocent as claimed, or do we have budding criminal mastermind in our midst? Society demands answers!

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  1. spelling says:

    this is so sweet!! can’t wait to continue on with it.. Merry Christmas

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