Love A La Mode?


In a sighting as rare as Panda Claus, observant neighbors have noticed local farmer Charles Cheeser leaving Greenwood’s historic Residential Village long past the witching hour. Keeping a “casual” eye on his comings and goings, Tattle Tales can confirm that the residence he has been frequenting belongs to one Henrietta Mae Hubbard.
With her nurturing ways and kind, albeit confusing, words of wisdom, Henrietta is known to many simply as “Mother”. Almost as famous as the mouse herself are Henrietta’s pies, which have been sampled and savored by just about all of Greenwood. Up until the recent Rete lockdown on Cheeser farm, Mother got the fruit she needed for her fattening-ly delicious pies from Charles. However, as Henrietta was forced to seek out new sources, her contact with Cheeser ceased altogether – at least publically.
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