…Part II Sleeping with the Enemy

Tattle Tales continues to dish the dirt on our exclusive story about Meredith Younglove – a Beautiful Homes Club Lotus Master member – and her connection to nineteen year old Owen Longtail. In part two of our two-part exposé to uncover the details of the latest BHC brawl between Meredith and fellow member Petunia “The Florist” Prunepot, a mutual friend who wants to remain anonymous has told Tattle Tales that Owen was the spark that caused the rift in the first place.


Owen, a strapping Adonis who had been studying abroad, recently breezed back into Greenwood as a farming supplier on the Rete payroll. This affected Meredith and Petunia’s then-joint venture – a floral shop that relied heavily on local flowers – and a furious Meredith went to give Owen a piece of her mind. However, true to her cougar nature, Meredith took one look at the young stud and gave him a piece of something else entirely.
Stay tuned for the rest of this juicy story…
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