Meet Iris Greenbloom

Meet Iris, Iris Greenbloom has been in Greenwood city all her life, and is now something of a staple in the community.


Iris Tail Towns Friends
Species: Mouse 
Age Range:
55 – 60 
Devin Westbrook, Madison Rosenbloom, Charles Cheeser, Meredith Marceau, Ava Redfur
William Rete 
Allergies: Lazy people, people looking for hand-outs, people loitering on her lawn, anyone named Rete – most everybody 
Best played by:
Cloris Leachman 

She knows everything about everyone and their families and has opinions about them all. Her family owns an orchard, which was flushed with all sorts of produce and crops back in its day. However, as she ages Iris lacks the energy to keep up with the work the orchard demands, and is comfortable living life as a retiree. She is a member of the Beautiful Homes Club and maintains a charming home and yard. 

Having been around when the city was flourishing she is strongly opposed to William Rete’s reign of terror. She is just about ready to gather the masses and declare an all out war against the Rete family – especially when their cloud of doom hangs over the head of her nephew Devin Westbrook, and threatens his business (Devin’s Diner) and the livelihood of the other residents. She has very strong convictions and is partial to those who believe in and practice hard work. She also believes in reaping what you sew, and that there is no rest for the wicked – or the wise. 

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  1. Sol3Bug says:

    Nice Bio! So Cloris Leachman provides her voice? Looking forward to more Bios…

  2. Topthat says:

    Awesome! I’m thinking about making an account…? HMM…

  3. Sassematics says:

    Those glasses. So sassy!

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