Meet Ava Redfur


Meet Ava, Ava Redfur is the current mayor of Greenwood City.
Species: Fox
Age Range: 45 – 50
Friends: All of Greenwood except the Retes
Foes: William Rete
Allergies: Dishonest Politicians
Best played by: Susan Sarandon

Ava Redfur is the current mayor of Greenwood City. She was elected to that position at the height of her career, and has remained in power for several consecutive terms. Soon after taking office, Ava gained a reputation among her constituents for being tough but even-handed, and the polls show her having one of the highest popularity ratings in the city’s history. However, recently there have been rumblings among certain citizens that her best days may be behind her.
Although the Redfurs are known as a prominent and wealthy family, Ava is old enough to remember how hard her parents had to work to establish that legacy. Thus, as a mayor, she is always looking out for the common critter and wants to create a strong, supportive community. These tendencies often bring her into conflict with the more self-serving, well-to-do residents – especially the Retes.
On a personal level, Ava has close ties with many of Greenwood’s generational families. Much to her consternation, her relationship with her niece Lexie is a strained one. She finds Lexie’s hard-partying ways to be a political embarrassment, and she privately wishes that her niece would use her social position to greater ends than gaining access to the hottest nightclubs. However, the source of much of her discomfort over Lexie’s behavior is due to the fact that Ava was a bit of a socialite in her youth. Early in her political career her social and political circles collided painfully and led to her one big political mistake, which she lives in fear will one day come back to haunt her.
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  1. Aida says:

    This elegant and powerful lady has a secret past, I can’t wait to know more about the actions in her youth.

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