Love A La Mode? (cont’d)


So just how long has this seemingly secret dalliance between Charles Cheeser and Henrietta Mae Hubbard been going on? Could not have been for very long, as sources close to the pair were taken aback by the implication of an affair, and both parties involved have clammed up – refusing to come forward with a statement of either confirmation or denial.
Could it be that his thrice weekly visits, which result in him sauntering out with a pep in his step and a song in his whistle, have been misconstrued? Perhaps he’s hopelessly addicted to her mouth-watering pies and his cravings begin after the start of TVs Late-Late Show and end mere hours before the barnyard cock crows? We can only speculate, but it seems unlikely that Cheeser’s visits are due to Henrietta’s skills – in the kitchen.
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    I really loved your work

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    I just love your charters and stories. It’s kind of Soap Opera with critters. LOVE IT.

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