History of Greenwood City

Greenwood City Tail Towns Friends
Greenwood City was founded several generations ago by 4 Families who started businesses on their farms – the Redfurs (Ava, Lexie and Manhattan) (Foxes); the Westerbrooks (Iris and Devin lineage) (Mice); the Underhills (Grace) (Chipmunk); the Ringtails (Aria)(Raccoons). The families had farms in the rich land along the Cloud River.

They worked hard to maintain their crops and were able to live off the land by trading and bartering with one another. The 4 Founding Families were of different species, but were determined to live in peace and tolerance, therefore interspecies cooperation provided the solid foundation Greenwood needed to grow. The families soon added businesses to their land, and as they gradually built and added more, the paths became trails, which then became roads, and before long, their little town by the river became a trading center, frequently visited by critters from the nearby “wild” regions. They named the town Greenwood Corners.
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As time passed, Greenwood Corners continued to grow. More businesses were added, and more families – from the “wild” regions – moved in. As the woodland folks began to rely more heavily on the comforts and convenience of “town-living”, critters began clamoring for available land space, and soon very few uninhabited “wild” regions were left. Greenwood Corners became Greenwood City – which was now considered a Mecca of sorts, welcoming all species of woodland creatures. Trading up and down the river began to boom, with only the occasional beaver pirate attack – as many of the beavers chose to remain in the “wild” forests on the outskirts of the city .
Two generations ago, there was a terrible accident on a nearby farm that caused an entire family to move out (Dun dun duuuuuuun)…

The Retes

The Retes

The newly arrived Retes were “just in time” to buy up the land for pennies – a strange trend that continues till current day… Since then, the Rete name has claimed a spot among the founding families – a spot many of the “true” founders oppose.
A generation ago, Jebediah Westerbrook became the 1st mayor of the newly incorporated Greenwood City – which had since grown into the main trading center for the entire region.
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