What’s New in Tail Towns Friends? Week of September 10th


What’s new in Tail Towns Friends?  We’ve compiled a list of changes, improvements and updates for the September 10th, 2012 revision.
 • The Love Story Continues
Dig into new goals following the surprise drama at the Cook-Off. What does the future hold for Rene and Abigail? How will William Rete react to losing his eldest daughter to a charming chipmunk? What does this new family dynamic mean for Victoria?
• Who’s that girl?
Enjoy a new storyline introducing Emily Saxon, the wholesome country girl fresh off the train. Is she too innocent to survive in the big bad city? Learn all about the new Grains as you help her bakery rise!
• New Grain Seeds and Cheeser Farm
Charles Cheeser is staying abreast of any Seeds that come on the market, and of course he continues to let his Friends come by to pick a few each day. Just don’t tell the Retes!
• He’s planted Quinoa (Premium Grain) in the Premium Corral in the center of his farm.
• He also planted other Grain Seeds (Bread Wheat, Rye, Blue Emmer) in the western part of his fields.
• Abandoned Hope Mine
A frisky couple out in the woods stumbled across an abandoned mine. It’s very close to the Old Orchard, and is rumored to be the source of the Quartz crystals appearing around town.
• Outer Lots
Madison was finally able to get some face time with Grace Underhill, and has gotten 5 new lots rezoned for purchase. However, there seems to be a bit of a boom in country mice moving into the greater Greenwood area. This means that some of the outer lots will be selling for different amounts, depending on the demand.
Beautiful yet functional Watermills can change Grain to Flour. Flour will be used in advanced Orders for city businesses. Watermills are found in the Business tab of the Store.
• Item Storage
Responding to overwhelming demand, the Store will be selling Item Storage buildings. You will be able to pickup items from your place and put them into your inventory!
3 new Storage Buildings are available in the Business tab of the Store, each with varying amounts of storage.
• More Resource Storage Sheds
New higher level Resource Sheds are available to allow players to store more Fruit, Veg and Flowers! You can replace the rows of low level sheds with a single bigger building, leaving more room for your gnomes to frolic!
• Smart Paths, Fences and Waterways
The Tail Towns Technology Institute has been hard at work changing basic decorating items into something easier to work with, as well as expanding the creative possibilities of using them.
o All paths, fences, hedges and waterways will now automatically tile together to create seamless walkways, patios, creeks and ponds.
o All OLD version paths, fences and waterways that you might have on your property now will have their Sell prices set to 100% to make changing to the new versions as painless as possible. Old versions will no longer be sold in the Store.
• Tuscan Items are back
The lovely Tuscan items that were mysteriously removed from the Store are now back!
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