TTF Treasure Chest


If you’re looking for the scoop on the Tail Towns Friends Treasure Chests, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve listed some common questions from the TTF community.
TTF Treasure Chest

Where can you find these Treasure Chests?

While players can’t purchase these in the store, they can find Treasure Chests scattered throughout the various unowned lots.   As if you needed another reason to enhance your sprawling, gorgeous countryside.

What do you receive?

When opened, these chests will award the player with a big reward after collecting. Then, players can ‘click’ the item to clear and remove the empty Treasure Chest off their land. Clearing will award the player with 1 acorn.

What types of Treasure Chests are there?

Business Treasure Chest
Decor Score = 10
XP = 10
Reputation = 10
Acorns =  1000 to 2000

Décor Treasure Chest
Decor Score = 100 to 160
XP = 10
Reputation = 10
Acorns = 300

Crop Treasure Chest
Decor Score = 0
XP = 0
Reputation = 10
Acorns = 300
Fruit = 100 to 200
Vegetables = 200 to 450
Flowers = 300 to 600

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3 Responses to TTF Treasure Chest

  1. Sol3Bug says:

    FYI: I did not get any REP points when I opened my Crop Treasure chest. I watched that score (and the XP right above it) before and after opening it. I know I did not get a minimum of 300 flowers added. I was not paying attention to the other scores.

    • Rian says:

      I know, I love changing thngis around & mixing it up around the house! Its so much fun, isn’t it, to see old thngis in new ways? Can’t wait to see what you do with your spaces!

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