TTF Décor Score


You never know when Madison and the Beautiful Homes Club will be stopping by your Country Place, so it’s important to always keep up appearances.
Being a BHC (Better Home Club) member comes with its perks. You’ll have access the best contacts, designers and contractors that Greenwood City has to offer.
Decor Score
According to Madison, it’s all about Décor!
The Décor Score is the total value of all the Décor items you have placed on your land. There are a variety of categories to choose from including Decorations, Water, Nature and Path & Fences.

The Décor Score will go up as you place a new Décor item, and go down when you remove one. The Décor Score is used in several decorating goals that unlock gorgeous decorative items. And, it’s a great way to prove to your friends that your Country Place is awesome!
Players can also increase their daily bonus when they visit Tail Towns Friends, by keep up their Décor Score.
Let us know… what’s your favorite decorative TTF item?
Start creating something beautiful –> Tail Towns Friends

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  2. Aida says:

    There are more than one item that I consider among my favorites, but the first one I am planing to get as soon as I have extra land, will be the Tuscan Wall with decorations, it is a lovely piece of art!

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