Oh Snap! New TTF Snap Items!

Chris ‘Wombat’ Crowell, the Creative Director for Tail Towns Friends explains the NEW Snap Path system due out at the end of August.

Snap Items

The ingenious gnomes of Team Tail Towns Friends have crafted a whole new kind of decorative item for the world of Tail Towns Friends. As you know, the current style of Paths, Fences, Hedges and Rivers allows players to place and rotate individual pieces to create linear decorations. We wanted to keep that decorating functionality, but make it a lot easier to use.
And so… welcome to the next evolution of Décor items! As of (planned for Late August 2012) players will have a new way to decorate with Snap Items. In the Store, you will find that all Paths, Fences, Hedges and Rivers have been updated to the new system we are calling Snap.
Currently, when you look at the Store, you see several different pieces of each kind of fence or path; with straight, corners, ends, t-intersections, etc.

With the new Snap system, all the different pieces of each item are consolidated into one store item. So instead of 7 items in the Store, you will now see just one. And since the Store has a less ‘slots’ on display, it’s easier than ever for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

That’s just the beginning. Decorating with paths and fences has been made easier too. Just as before; you click the item in the Store, then again on the spot in your garden to place it. But… when you place another similar item next to it, the two pieces will automatically change to link together. Keep clicking to create long fences or paths that automatically become corners, intersections and end caps.


This automatic reconfiguration will happen anytime you place one piece of a path next to another similar piece.
But WAIT! There’s MORE!
We have seen how you all are being very inventive with using all kinds of ground items to create stairways, islands and sandy hollows. To give you more ways to express yourselves, the Snap Items will blend together to create areas such as terraces, patios, ponds or even lakes!

Can grow into…



Also note that you will receive the full purchase price back when you Sell all the old Path, Fence, etc items that have been replaced by the new Snap Path versions. Rest assured; we are also working on a lot of other features and improvements. But for now, we cannot wait to see what you make with these!
Please be sure to share your screenshots on the Tail Towns Friends community page. Not only do all the other players love to be inspired by them; the whole TTF development team gathers around to see each new creation as it is posted.
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9 Responses to Oh Snap! New TTF Snap Items!

  1. Aida says:

    This is awesome, I can’t wait to put my hands on this items. This is a nice way to express our own creative imagination. I am sure that each one of us will create a unique and interesting place. Thank You TTF!!

  2. Lisa says:

    I too love this new snap feature – would have been very helpful yesterday as I was placing a fence around my house. I also love how the pieces will blend together so we can make things such as patios and lakes too. Also while I think it is great that we get full purchase price back when selling the items so we can buy the new snap items, it would be GREATLY helpful if we would not be required to use Energy points when doing so, because selling our pieces back for the new snap pieces could require a lot of us to use a lot of energy points up fast.

  3. Frances says:

    What a clever idea! I’m excited to see them and will even be more excited to play with them!

  4. Mony says:

    This is absolutely amazing…I would love to meet the creators of TTF …YOU GUYS ROCK…..

  5. gammasmum says:

    Wow!!! Full purchase price back makes upgrading so much nicer. Thanks TT folks!

  6. Florida says:

    What a great improvement this will be! I can’t wait to make a lake! And thank-you for giving us the full price back – I have many pieces…..

  7. Parmelia says:

    Great stuff, you hlpeed me out so much!

  8. Batty says:

    This sounds really cool. However, it is the beginning of September, and I don’t see anything different. Am I the only one?

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