Meet Abigail Rete


Meet Abigail Rete,  the eldest daughter of William Rete, a mouse who considers himself above the law in Greenwood city.

Abigail Rete Tail Towns Friends


Species: Mouse

Age Range: 25 – 30

Friends: The Retes, Rene Amande

Foes: Rene Amande (it’s complicated)

Allergies: Incompetence

Best played by: Olivia Wilde

Abigail Rete is the eldest daughter of William. She has a younger sister, Victoria. Abigail was only a child when her mother passed away in childbirth. She grew up in a cold house of marble and crystal. She and her sister were effectively raised by their nannies, and the loss of their mother and the withdrawal of their father effectively drove the girls apart.

Although not a bad-looking mouse (she has a certain rough handsomeness) she was not a classic beauty. Abigail was somewhat introverted, and didn’t have many social opportunities as a young mouse. This was compounded by her sister’s attractiveness and extroverted personality – Victoria could have all the fun she wanted, while Abigail focused on bettering herself.

Abigail excelled in school, favoring business and the culinary arts. She graduated at the top of her class, and has gone on to open her own restaurant, Chez Rete – the fanciest dining room in Greenwood City.

Despite her success, life continues to throw curves her way; she just can’t seem to get out from under her family’s influence. Her restaurant was financed by her father, and though it has become popular enough that she owns controlling interest in it, somehow she can’t break out from under his thumb. He owns or controls so many of the businesses in the city that without his support, she’d be out of business in no time, so she feels intense pressure to meet his expectations, which range everywhere from maintaining profitability at any cost right down to the menu plan. She’s aging prematurely under the stress – a stress that she takes out most on her staff. That staff includes Rene Amande – an ex-flame for whom she’s still carrying a secret torch.

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  1. Aida says:

    Abigail, dear , you must be happy now, Rene gave you a wonderful romantic night. Now I want to have you both, in a single figurine to keep you together forever!

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