Meet Madison Rosenbloom


Meet Madison, the top real estate agent and president of the Beautiful Homes Club of Greenwood city.
Species: Mouse
Age Range: 30 – 35
Friends: Everyone
Foes: No one
Allergies: Areas without Internet or proper cell phone reception
Best played by: Maggie Gyllenhaal
Madison Rosenbloom is the premiere real estate agent in Greenwood City. She was drawn to this profession because of her natural social skills and her shrewd business sense. She was instrumental, if unwitting, in helping the Retes gain their domination over the town by brokering several key property deals for William Rete. Despite her ability to wheel and deal, she loves to help those who deserve it. Her favourite part of the job is finding her clients their dream home.
She is also a master decorator and president of the Beautiful Homes Club – a high society-esque organization of those with the most exquisitely decorated homes – for which she organizes and runs frequent club challenges.
Meet Madison in Tail Towns Friends!

3 Responses to Meet Madison Rosenbloom

  1. Laura says:

    Madison my dear we have got to get those properties back from the Retes and Sell to all us Town Folk. Can’t wait until you visit me again.

  2. Florida says:

    Madison honey, you simply have work faster on those rezoning applications. I understand there have been some issues among the members of the Beautiful Homes Club that have got your pretty little scarf in a knot but it is time to move on. Your friends are counting on you – we are under an avalanche of permits but no land to buy! Please help forthwith!

  3. Aida says:

    Dear Madison: Did you get my application for land? I ask for at least 10 plots, they are not available yet, please double check your papers! We love your work and understand that you are very busy, but, please hurry up.

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