Acorns are the game currency you earn by collecting from Businesses and completing Goals. You spend Acorns to purchase items in the Store, or to purchase new Lots.



Cashews are the premium currency in Tail Towns Friends. Use Cashews to instantly recharge your Energy, get more Acorns, quickly bypass Tasks, speed up Harvest times and buy the very best decorations and businesses.



City Businesses

City Businesses are locations in Greenwood City that can provide Acorn earning partnerships to you.

The first City Business you unlock is Devin’s Diner, but more will follow as you increase your Town Rating and earn the trust of the Greenwood business community. For more information, see Promotions.



Collecting & Harvesting

Collecting and Harvesting are the terms used to describe clicking on a producer item to get the resources produced by it. For more information, see Getting Resources.



Crafting is the term used for the recipes that combine different Resources to get a new item rather than Acorns. Crafting is introduced at the Construction Center in Greenwood City, and then expanded via the Workbench item that is placed in your Orchard. Crafting allows you to make new Local Businesses such as the Juice Joint, or to make Lifestyle items such as Decks or Bridges.



Critters who live and work at your Country Place are called Critterzens. You are the first Critterzen of course, but you get more by placing Houses. See more at Houses.


Daily Login Bonus

Log in each day to get bonus rewards. The Daily Login Bonus will appear the first time you play each day. The more days in row you play, the better the rewards. After the 5th day, the counter resets and you get to start again.


Edit Bar


The game Edit bar can be opened and closed by clicking the Pencil icon, located at the lower right above the Friend bar. Choose the Tool you want, and then click on the object you’d like to perform that action on.


Move Tool

This tool will allow you to pick up and move items around your land. You’ll be able to tell when the item is in an acceptable spot for placement because it’ll have a green footprint. A red footprint indicates the item cannot be placed there as it is colliding with another item.


Rotate Tool

This tool will allow you to rotate items. Continue clicking the same item to rotate it through all possible facings. Note: While many items can face in 4 different directions, others have only one or two facings.


Sell Tool

You can sell almost any item on your land for a portion of its original price. You CAN sell items you purchased with Facebook Credits, but you will only receive Acorns as payment.


Storage Tool

This tool allows you to store your items in your Inventory. You can add more Inventory space by clicking on the Storage cellar on your property. See more at Storage.


Exit Edit Mode

To exit a particular Edit Mode, click the Stop button on the Edit Bar.



Energy is a familiar element in most Facebook games. Most actions you perform in Tail Towns Friends consume one or more Energy points, so making good use of your available Energy is a key gameplay strategy. The Energy meter at the top left of the game UI will show you how much Energy you have right now.


Energy Regeneration

You regenerate Energy over time. Hover over the meter to see how long until your next Energy point is regenerated.


Instantly recharge your Energy

Click the + button beside the Energy bar to purchase instant Energy packs with Cashews.


Daily Visit Energy

Once per day, you will be awarded 5 free points of Visit Energy when you visit each Friend. This Visit Energy can be used only at that Friend’s country place to collect from your Friends items. And, you get 5 Visit Energy at EACH Friends place, so your free collection rewards are limited only by the number of Friends you have invited to play with you.


Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits are Facebook’s virtual currency used to exchange real money for premium goods and services. You can purchase TTF Cashews with Facebook Credits.



Ganz Studios is delighted to offer beautiful hand painted collectable figurines of Tail Towns Friends characters. Each Figurine is a lovely addition to your home, and it comes with a Secret Code that unlocks a special storyline for the character. Help the character with their story and earn a unique gameplay item that is not only beautiful, but gives a nice daily bonus to you and your Friends.


Figurine Collection

Click the Figurine Collection button to pop-up the Figurine Collection UI.


Look over the Collection

Click the Collections tab to see all the Figurines that are available. Click each Figurine to see details of their Story and special item.


Store Locator

Wondering where you can buy a Tail Towns Figurine? Use the Store Locator to find the closest retail outlet that carries critters! Be sure to ask your regular gift store manager ‘do you carry Tail Towns Figurines?’, they will be happy to provide them to you.


Purchase a Virtual Figurine

Can’t stand to wait? You can buy a virtual version of the Figurine for Cashews. A virtual Figurine will be instantly registered, unlocking the character Story that leads to the special item. Please note you will NOT receive a physical Figurine in this case.


Register your Secret Code

Each TTF Figurine box contains a unique Secret Code on a slip of paper. You must register this code inside the TTF game to unlock the Story. From inside the game, open the Figurine Collection and enter your Secret Code in the text field at the bottom.

You will see a new Goal appear on the left side of the screen signaling the beginning of the special Story for that character!


Friends & the Friend Bar

The Friend Bar shows which of your Facebook Friends are playing Tail Towns Friends.


Visit Friends Places

You can visit your Friends country places, once per day and get 5 free Visit Energy to help them out by collecting from businesses and harvesting crops.


Collecting at Friends places every day gives you the opportunity to gather bonus Energy, free Resources, Acorns and City Keys.


Note that you only gain City Keys at the first 6 Friends you visit and bonus Energy at the first 10 friends you visit.


Invite your Friends to play

Invite your Facebook friends to become your neighbors in Tail Town Friends! Click the Add a Friend button at the end of the Friend Bar, then choose who to send an invite to.



As you play, you’ll see Goals appear on the left side of the screen. Complete the Tasks associated with a Goal to unlock new items, earn Acorns and receive Tail Towns Points. You’ll become a master of the game as you play – and you’ll discover lots of secrets about your favorite Tail Towns World characters!


Greenwood City


Greenwood City was founded several generations ago by 4 Families who started businesses on their farms – the Redfurs (Foxes); the Westerbrooks (Mice); the Underhills (Chipmunks); the Ringtails (Raccoons). The families had farms in the rich land along the Cloud River. They worked hard to maintain their crops and were able to live off the land by trading and bartering with one another. The 4 Founding Families were of different species, but were determined to live in peace and tolerance; this interspecies cooperation provided the solid foundation Greenwood needed to grow. The families soon added businesses to their land, and as they gradually built and added more, the paths became trails, which then became roads, and before long, their little town by the river became a trading center that stretched all the way to the Cloud River Falls, frequently visited by critters from the nearby “wild” regions. They named the town Greenwood Corners.


As time passed, Greenwood Corners continued to grow. More businesses were added, and more families – from the “wild” regions – moved in. As the woodland folks began to rely more heavily on the comforts and convenience of “town-living”, critters began clamoring for available land space, and soon very few uninhabited “wild” regions were left. Greenwood Corners became Greenwood City - which was now considered a Mecca of sorts, welcoming all species of woodland creatures. Trading up and down the river began to boom, with only the occasional river pirate attack – as quite a few critters chose to remain in the “wild” forests on the outskirts of the city .


Two generations ago, there was a terrible accident on a nearby farm that caused an entire family to move out. The newly arrived Retes were “just in time” to buy up the land for pennies – a strange trend that continues till current day… Since then, the Rete family has claimed to be a founding family – a spot many of the “true” founders oppose.


A generation ago, Jebediah Westerbrook became the 1st mayor of the newly incorporated Greenwood City – which had since grown into the main trading center for the entire region.


Current Situation

Last year, Greenwood City slipped in a number of civic rankings – such as gross city productivity, and standards of living. Local businesses are struggling to get by, and many have simply crumbled under the pressure of William Rete - who has monopolized the city’s supplies and business sector. Some point their claws at the city’s current mayor, Ava Redfur, for abiding the Retes to begin with, while others mutter – with growing resentment – about the expanding Rete domination of all areas of Greenwood life.



See Collecting & Harvesting



Houses in TTF are an essential part of growing your country place into a small town. Place Houses on your property to get Critterzens to move in. Critterzens are important as they are needed to run your Local Businesses and do the Crafting work. As your Town Ranking increases you will be unlocking bigger and better Houses that bring larger numbers of Critizens with them.


Lifestyle and Houses

You will need to create a nice enough location for Critterzens to want to move there. You do this by raising your Lifestyle rating. Each House will require up a certain amount of Lifestyle before you can place it. When a House is in play, it reserves its portion of Lifestyle until it is sold or stored.


Buying Houses

Houses can be purchased in the Houses tab of the Store. Many Houses can be purchased for Acorns, but the opulent premium Houses which you can buy with Cashews provide large amounts of Critterzens, as well as giving your place that touch of elegance.



Place any item in your Inventory by clicking it, then clicking a spot on the ground where you want to put it.


The Inventory holds any of your items that are not on the ground at your Country Place. There are two tabs in the Inventory.


Gifts & Awards Tab

This tab has unlimited space to hold gifts sent to you by Friends or awarded by goals.


Storage Tab

The Storage tab hold items picked up by the Pickup Tool . The amount of space in your item storage can be increased via your Cellar item. See how to increase Storage at  Increase Storage slots.


Lifestyle Rating

The Lifestyle Rating is the total value of all the Lifestyle items you have placed on your land. Lifestyle Rating is needed to put down more Houses, which in turn will increase the number of Critizens who live on your land.


What items give me Lifestyle?

The Categories of Lifestyle items are Decorations, Water, Nature, Path & Fences, and Houses. The Lifestyle Rating will go up as you place a new Lifestyle item, and go down when you remove one.


And clearly it’s a great way to show off your own taste in decorating to visiting Friends!


Local Businesses

You can build local businesses that allow you to fill Orders placed by City Business partners.

Filling Orders is the best way to earn Acorns. Filling an Order will take time and consume particular Resources. You will have a choice of different Orders at your local businesses that offer different returns based on the combination of Time and Resources. When an Order is ready to be delivered, you can click the business to make the Delivery. This will consume 1 Energy and give you the payout for filling the Order.



Promotions are a Business gameplay action that allows you to spend Energy on a city business to increase the customers coming in. That increased demand allows the business owner to send you Orders for you to fill!


Filling an Order

Each of your Local Businesses can be clicked to show a menu of Orders.

Each Order consumes particular Resources, and over time will generate a filled Order that is instantly sold to the City Business associated with that particular Local Business. If you have enough of the required Resources, the Fill Order button will available to click. This will immediately consume the Resources and start the timer toward completion of the Order.


Collecting on the Order

Once the Order is completed, it will be immediately sold to your partner in the city. Equally quickly they will send your pay, it will be waiting to be collected.

Any Business with an Acorn above it has pay ready for you to collect.


Higher Level Businesses

You will unlock higher level versions of your local businesses by reaching higher Town Levels. The higher level businesses will give you even better returns on your Resources, Time and Energy.



Lots are the extra land pieces that you can purchase with Permits and Acorns. You can purchase a Lot by clicking on an open piece of grass in that Lot.

You can only purchase a Lot that is next to a Lot you already own. Many Lots contain Treasures that cannot be purchased in the Store, so planning which Lots to purchase can be important.


You can purchase a Lot for Acorns OR Cashews.


New blocks of Lots are unlocked as your place gains Town Rating levels. Hover over a locked Lot to see what level is needed to unlock it.


Message Center

The Message Center is where you can see any Notifications, Gifts or Requests sent to you by your real life Friends that play Tail Towns Friends. Click each Message to get tons of free Energy, Gifts and to help your Friends with some of their Tasks.


View your Message Center

Click the Message Center button  located at the top right of the game frame.



NPC is a game industry term for Non Player Character. These are the characters created for the game, distinctly different than your real life friends. TTF NPC’s are inhabitants of Tail Towns Friends such as Iris or Devin.



The game Options bar can be opened and closed by clicking the Gear button, located at the lower left above the Friend bar. In the Options you can toggle buttons for:


  • Muting background sounds
  • Muting the music
  • Expanding to Full Screen mode
  • Zoom In/Out.

Country Place / Old Orchard

Your Country Place is your new home in Tail Towns Friends. Your destiny lies in taking this ragtag patch of scraggly weeds and dead trees known as the Old Orchard, and building it up to become your own uniquely charming small town. You own the land here, and can add more Lots as you increase your Town Ranking.


You CAN go home!

You can return to your Country Place anytime by clicking the Go to the Orchard button.



Orders are how players turn Resources into Acorns, or more advanced Resources at their Local Businesses. See more information at Local Businesses.



Once you have unlocked a City Business you will have the ability to Promote it. Mouse over the City Business to show the Promotion form.


Click a Star to promote the business. Promoting one of your City Business partners gives them added customers, which allows them to pay you for helping them out with the additional business.


Each Promotion Star you fill will consume 1 Energy, and will activate 1 Order at the associated Local Business back at your place.


Example: You click a Promotion star at Devin’s Diner. Go back to your place and open up the Orders menu from either your Juice Joint or Snack Cart. You can fill 1 Order at either of them. Choosing to fill an Order will consume the Promotion. You will need to Promote the Diner again before you can fill more Orders at the Juice Joint or Snack Cart.



Resources are game items like Fruit, Vegetables or City Keys that you receive when you Harvest from Seeds or complete City actions. Different kinds of Resources are used to fill the Orders for the different city businesses you are helping. A key gameplay challenge to players is getting the Resources they need to do the other activities in the game.


Getting Resources

Each Resource comes from a different source.

  • Fruit: Harvest Fruit Seeds.
  • Vegetables: Harvest Vegetable Seeds.
  • Textiles: Harvest Textile Seeds.
  • Grains: Harvest Grain Seeds.
  • Wood: Harvest Wild Trees.
  • Stone: Harvest Rocks.
  • Amber: Rare drop from Harvesting Wild Trees.
  • Quartz: Rare drop from Harvestings Rocks, also Collecting at Mines.
  • Oil: Rare Drop from Harvesting Vegetable Seeds
  • Perfume: Rare drop from Harvesting Flower Seeds
  • City Keys: Promote City Business, Sell to Aria, Harvest at Friends place.

Using Resources

Resources are consumed by a number of different activities in TTF.

  • Selling bulk orders to Aria at the Warehouse: Gain Acorns
  • Filling Orders at Local Businesses: Gain Acorns
  • Building new Businesses at the Construction Center: Gain new business item
  • Crafting new Items at your Work Bench and other crafting stations: Gain new decorative or business item.

Resource Storage

The Resources you have collected are stored in the Resources Inventory, which you can see by placing your cursor over the Resources Icon located at the top (right of center) section of the game UI.


Build more Storage units to increase the amount of Resources you can store. Each Storage building increases the Resource storage cap. Storing or selling a Storage building will reduce the storage cap.



Seeds are items you can place on your land to grow Resources.


Purchase Seeds

Purchase Seeds by clicking on the Seeds tab in the Store, then clicking where you want to place them on your land.


Premium Seeds: Premium Seeds grow faster, have more Harvest cycles and give out more Resources per Harvest for both you and your Friends. Premium Seeds can be purchased in the Store for Cashews.


Grow your Seeds

Once they are placed, they will automatically start growing to maturity. Hold your cursor over the Seed to see how long until it is ready to harvest.


You can instantly complete the growing by clicking the tooltip and spending a few Cashews.


Harvest your Seeds

Each kind of Seed will visibly change to show it is ripe and ready for harvesting. Click the Seed to Harvest it. Each Harvest will consume 1 Energy.


Harvest Cycles

Each Seed has a limited number of Harvests it can provide. Once you have used up all the Harvests, the Seed will wither into a dead state. You can click to clear dead Seeds.



The Store is where you can purchase Seeds, Businesses, Lifestyle items and Houses. Item costs are noted in either Acorns or Cashews. The price tag will show red if you do not have enough currency to purchase the item. A lock icon over the item means you must reach a higher level before you can buy that item. Mouseover any item in the Store to see a tooltip with helpful information about that item.



Storage is a term we use for the part of the Inventory where you can store the items (not Resources) you are not using at the moment.


Not surprisingly, your Storage is associated with your Storage Cellar item. Build or buy a Storage Cellar to become able to store any of your best loved items. It is definitely the best way to hang on to your Christmas or Halloween decorations until next season!


Increase Storage slots

Click your Storage Cellar item to bring up the Storage Expansion menu. This menu allows you to purchase additional slots in your Storage inventory. Holds more than your real cellar, but without the spiders!


Tail Towns Points, Town Ranking and Town Rank Titles

As you play, you’ll gain Tail Towns Points. Tail Towns Points add up to let you reach new levels of Town Ranking. With each new Town Ranking level, you’ll unlock items in the Store and get a new Town Rank Title for your country place.


Tail Towns Figurines

Many of the characters you meet in Tail Towns have a Figurine you can purchase. Each Figurine has a unique Storyline. Complete their Storyline to receive their special item that gives you daily rewards.


You can buy a virtual version of each Figurine with Facebook Credits, or use the Store Locator to purchase a lovely hand painted Tail Towns collectible Figurine. Register the Secret Code that comes with each Figurine to unlock that Figurine’s benefits.



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