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Love A La Mode?


In a sighting as rare as Panda Claus, observant neighbors have noticed local farmer Charles Cheeser leaving Greenwood’s historic Residential Village long past the witching hour. Read more

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Sleeping With The Enemy (Conclusion)


Our publisher has banned us from printing the sordid details, so we’ll summarize by saying Owen had been fire-roasting seeds when Meredith showed up – shirtless, of course, due to the heat. Read more

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…Part II Sleeping with the Enemy


Tattle Tales continues to dish the dirt on our exclusive story about Meredith Younglove Read more

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This Rosebush Has Thorns!


Got an anonymous call yesterday to meet someone in a dark alley on the outskirts of Greenwood City at midnight. Said they had quite a scoop. Read more

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Update to Figurine Specific Goodies


Our gnomes have been hard at work tinkering with the items’ inner workings to get them pumping out goodies again, and it’s the kind of goodies you like! Read more

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New TTF Update: Cashew Aren’t Just For Eating Anymore


New and exciting things are about to drop in Tail Towns Friends! Read more


An ill Wind is Blowing in Tail Towns Friends

Evil Iris Feature

Players now have 5 new spooky goals, 2 new Evil’ characters, a new NPC location and lots of Mwahahahaha… Read more


Greenwood City Land Grab

Val VonScribe

The Queen of New Media, the irrepressible and loquacious Val VonScribe, has jumped off the Tail Towns Friends community page and right into the game! Read more

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TTF Virtual Launch Event


Something BIG, we mean really BIG is happening tomorrow beginning from 10am to 10pm/EST. Read more


New Halloween & Fall Items and more!


Set your place on fire with blazing fall colors or send shivers down your Friends’ backs with haunted Halloween items. Read more

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