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New Tail Towns Friends GanzWorld Rewards Items

Tail Towns GWR Prizes Jan 13 copy

  Behold the beautiful new Tail Towns Friends items available in GanzWorld Rewards!   This month on GanzWorld you can get the Orange Cross Country Ski Gnome, the Orange Skating Gnome, the Winter Rock Garden, the Country Fishin’ Hole, and a gorgeous Victorian Manor House!   You can still get all of December 2012′s Tail Towns Friends Items on GanzWorld Rewards too, so save up your Moneyz and get some awesome items to send to your town!


One More Thing…


Season’s Greetings, critters! We collaborated with Panda Claus (and his Reindeer – don’t tell anyone, but we suspect the deer might be actually running the show up there) to bring you one last Holiday gift: an update! Just a small one, but a good one nonetheless.
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Christmas Has Arrived In Greenwood City!


The Reindeer have come to Tail Towns Friends with our LATEST release, and they’ve gift-wrapped a bunch of great new features! Read more

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Cyber Monday in Tail Towns Friends!


On Cyber Monday we’re kicking off the holiday season by giving players free décor items to spruce up their orchard. Check back to this post throughout the day to receive 6 virtual gifts. Read more


Cyber Monday

Tail Towns Friends is a new free-to-play Facebook game that combines the fun of social media game play with timeless charm and unparalleled beauty. Tail Towns Friends offers players drama and juicy soap opera-inspired storylines and photo-realistic art that allows players to become landscape artists by creating a home exterior and garden of their dreams. Today’s Gift: Hedge: Pink Roses


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Textiles, Seeds, New Items, New Goals, & Winter!!


Winter is Coming! The 1st of the Winter Items are in the Store! Read more


Pint-sized Menace At Large! (cont’d)


Devin was immensely relieved to discover Roy had been in the backseat all along, but was not happy with the implication that he tried to kidnap his own cousin. Read more


Pint-sized Menace At Large!


In a bazaar twist, Devin Westbrook was wanted for kidnapping, earlier today. The victim? His own cousin! Read more

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Love A La Mode? (cont’d)


So just how long has this seemingly secret dalliance between Charles Cheeser and Henrietta Mae Hubbard been going on? Read more

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