Unlimited Energy Week is Coming!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play TTF for as long as you want, without needing Energy points? Wonder no more! We’re happy to announce that we’ll be running a VERY special promotion next week, called… Unlimited Energy Week!



Starting as of our next update on Monday, June 10th and lasting until Monday, June 17th, you’ll be able to do any action in the game without reducing your Energy count. This includes harvesting, collecting from Business Orders, promoting City Businesses, clearing withered Seeds, and anything else you can think of!


We know you probably have some questions about this exciting news, and we have answers!



What about the Energy I have now?

Your Energy count will remain untouched. You’ll still have any Energy you’ve saved up, waiting and ready to use when Unlimited Energy Week is over.



Can I still get more Energy from visiting Friends? What about Energy gifts?

Yes, you can still accumulate more Energy through the normal ways, even though you’re not spending it.


Since Friend visits only give you Energy when your bar isn’t full, you will only get the award up until you hit the cap (because you won’t be spending Energy, you’re guaranteed to stay at or above the cap for the rest of the week once you reach it, meaning you won’t get the Friend visit award anymore).


Gifts and requests will continue to give you Energy that goes above your cap, as usual. However, if you find that the Message Center is normally tedious to deal with, you might jump at this chance to spend as much time as you can playing the game, without having to worry about sending so many requests. :)



What happens at the end of the week?

When the week is over, we’ll do another update and everything will go back to normal, with Energy being spent for the usual actions. BUT if this promotion is as successful as we hope it will be, look for more special changes like this in the near future!



There you have it, folks! Mark the date in your calendars and let’s make it the most fun week in TTF history!


6 Responses to Unlimited Energy Week is Coming!

  1. Granma2 says:

    Wow, thank you!! :)

  2. poodlydoodles says:

    Wheeee! Love this idea!! It’s always irritating to have to wait. This is the era of “instant gratification!” Thanks!

  3. scienter says:

    can’t wait!! wahoooo!

  4. caitirri says:

    Wish I’d known about this

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