TTF Newz!

Tail Towns Friends NewzThe furry citizens of Tail Towns have been wildly preoccupied posting status updates, photo-tagging and commenting on each other’s Facebook walls… because  the official blog for Tail Towns Friends is now LIVE!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Tail Towns Friends Newz, a site dedicated to the epic drama of a new Facebook game called Tail Towns Friends!

This is the place to keep updated on the latest TTF gossip, game-play tips, and contests — it’s all right here!  And if you thought our in-game storylines were juicy, wait until you read the upcoming Tattle Tail column.

Are you new to Tail Towns FriendsLearn more about the secrets of Greenwood city, and the most scandalous mouse alive.

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  1. TTfan says:

    Tail towns friends is awesome!!

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