Something Wicked Comes to TTF…


Do you feel that? The haunting chill in the air of Greenwood City? There’s only one explanation – our Halloween update has arrived! Coming to the game today are all of the items in the Halloween theme, as well as the first set of Halloween goals for this year. Keep reading for all the terrifying details!


Ghoulish Goals!

Recognize the spine-tinglingly spooky shilouette on the right? If not, don’t worry – you’ll meet her soon enough!


The classic Halloween goals from 2012 have been re-activated, so that newer players will have a chance to catch up on the horror-filled (and hilarious!) story so far. If you played these goals already last year, you won’t see them again, but don’t worry – brand new Halloween 2013 goals will be coming in our next update! This way, both new players and verterans will be able to experience the new story at the same time.



Eerie Items!


Pictured here are just a few of the bone-chilling, blood-curdling, scream-inducing pieces from our always popular Halloween theme. Get them all now in the Store! There are 24 items in the Decorations section, 10 in Nature, 3 in Paths & Fences, and 2 in Water. Let terror reign in your Orchard!



A Frighteningly Good Deal!

In the promotional pop-up, you’ll find a very special sale – buy a Halloween Haunted House and get 3 more premium Halloween items for free! Even a zombie has enough brains to see what a great deal this is!



Other Changes

  • There are 2 new Lots available, along the bottom row, to the left of those that had previously been unlocked.
  • The Sports theme has been removed from the Store to make room for Halloween.
  • Since we’re focusing on Halloween content in this update, we’ve left the same Figurine sales going for now. Look for new Figurines to go on sale in our next update!


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  1. cbayse says:

    loved the 2012 and I am looking forward to the 2013. I know it will be good. You all come up with such great ideas and goals. Love the game.

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