One More Thing…

Season’s Greetings, critters! We collaborated with Panda Claus (and his Reindeer – don’t tell anyone, but we suspect the deer might be actually running the show up there) to bring you one last Holiday gift: an update! Just a small one, but a good one nonetheless.


7 more Lots have been unlocked! The bottom row, below the Abandoned Hope Mine, is now available for purchase. A holiday gift from Madison, your favorite real estate agent!
3 new Winter items are in the Store. And the best part is, they all can be purchased for Acorns! Look for the Frozen Waterfall in Decorations and the Skating Pond and Icy Archway in Nature.

Hope your holidays have been great so far. A very Happy New Year to all!
Alex L.
Writer/Designer on Tail Towns Friends

8 Responses to One More Thing…

  1. cheryl says:

    found the frozen waterfall and archway but skating pond isn’t in any of my categories. The other 2 are nice though

  2. blindfold says:

    I’m interested! You have my attention, now to find out how to play.

  3. blindfold says:

    How do I become a friend on Tail Towns Friends?

  4. TTFfanLKF says:

    I love all three of these items!

  5. RockinDogLuver says:

    I love these!

  6. RockinDogLuver says:


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