New TTF Update: Cashew Aren’t Just For Eating Anymore

Hello Critters!


New and exciting things are about to drop in Tail Towns Friends!

Welcome to Cashews, the new premium currency in Tail Towns Friends. Cashews replace Facebook Credits as the ingame currency used to purchase convenient speed-ups and cool premium items.
o Facebook Credits are still needed to purchase Cashews Packs and Acorns Packs.
o All other premium currency purchases are now done via Cashews.
o Exchange rate between Cashews and Credits is 1:1, so all prices remain the same.
Using our own Cashews gives us the ability to be generous with our beloved Critters! As part of this conversion to Cashews, existing Players will hopefully be pleased to receive a one-time gift of Cashews equal to their current Level minus 1. And as an ongoing benefit, all players will receive a free Cashew each time they level up! If this sounds like free money it is because it really is free money. Don’t tell Rete!
The Figurines have received some updates.
o The irrepressible Val VonScribe is back with a quick new goal that introduces players to the Collection page.
o The Collection interface has changed to support more than the original 12. All Figurines are shown on a paged list, rather than showing a single Series at a time.
o The Holiday Cookie Mouse has been added to the Collection. Her virtual figurine can now be purchased for Cashews.
New Deals!
Starting with this release, Tail Towns Friends will be offering some items at reduced prices, as well as some special deals. Check out the new pop-up when you log-in to take advantage before they go away.
Thanksgiving is here!
o 13 new Thanksgiving items in the Store
o 2 new Pilgrim Gnomes to send as Gifts.
More Story!

o 4 new Bakery mastery goals, which unlock new businesses: Shakin’ Bakin’ Booth and Golden Grain Bakery.
More Storage!
A new Platinum level Item Storage building with a massive 72 spaces has been added to the game. All older Storage buildings have been reduced in price.
More Land!
A lot of country mice complained to Madison Rosenbloom, who texted Grace Underhill, who talked on the intercom to Mayor Ava, who sent an email to the zoning commission, who sent Madison a letter of unlockization. Phew! As a result, the 6 Lots along the lower right-hand side of the Old Orchard have been made available for purchase. More land in-DEED!
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7 Responses to New TTF Update: Cashew Aren’t Just For Eating Anymore

  1. Le mony says:

    Looking forward to this

  2. Aida says:

    Looks Great! I can’t wait !

  3. Lori says:

    sounds awesome! Thank you

  4. Oddmeister says:

    Wow, this is really exciting news. I especially love the opportunity to earn Cashews – and to purchase the Holiday Cookie Mouse! LOVE you guys – thanks so much! <3

  5. cindy says:

    hats off for all the hard work! and who doesn’t appreciate a sale! :) have a peace day

  6. Gail says:

    Hope that includes all us lower players. I know that the upper class needs new challenges, however I want a turkey :)

  7. Bella says:

    This is pretty incredible news…I’m really excited! Go Team TTF!

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