New TTF Goals!


Today the TTF team has made a revision to Tail Towns Friends!
Please have a look at the updates below to see what we’ve added.
There are NEW goals to enjoy — New Beautiful Home Club Décor Goals!
- New Painting Goal Chains based on the Victorian themed Decorations
- Zen Island Goal Chain challenges players to create the ultimate chill-out retreat.
Over 90 new gorgeous items in the Store!

Improved Store UI (user interface) :
- Moved the section tabs from the bottom of the store bar to the top of the store bar.
Store Categories now easier:
- Resource Full Pop-up appears if player tries to harvest a resource for which she does not have storage space.
- Keeps players from ‘wasting’ Energy on harvests they cannot store.
- When visiting a friend or Greenwood City, Store and Inventory icons are browned out.
- Makes it clear that the Store and Inventory are not available unless you are at your own place.
- Removed “Watering” step in planting seeds, so the seed automatically pops to “waiting to harvest” state upon planting and no energy is required. Energy is now removed when clearing the used-up seed.
- No more forgetting to Water, Seeds are automatically grown and maturing. And clearing dead Seeds will behave just like other Click to Clear, using 1 Energy and Rewarding 1 XP and a few Acorns.
What’s NEW at Cheeser’s Farm?
- Put one of each kind of Premium Seed in an enclosure so certain goals that require Premium Seeds can be done slowly without monetizing.
- We renamed Lost Treasures to Lost Relics to avoid confusion with the Treasure Chests — thank you for your feedback on this one!
Purchasable Lots:
- Moved a fence and a path that were overlapping some of the unlockable outer lots.
- Moved a few taller trees and bushes in the unavailable lots to ensure they don’t block access to any grids inside player areas.
- We’ve made is MUCH easier to bring up the Purchase Lot pop-up window, especially on the problem lot with the Hot Spring.
- And, the Juice Press is back in the correct place and time in the Store and the Flower Stand is working properly again — those darn Retes.
Note from the TTF Team:
Thank you to everyone in the TTF community! Your feedback, suggestions and questions have been critical during our beta period. <– Check out the changes.


6 Responses to New TTF Goals!

  1. Sol3Bug says:

    Wow! Thank you for those updates! Thank you for making those requested changes, and thank you for adding more goals!

  2. Donna says:

    Is there any word on getting the loading problem fixed? I haven’t been able to play for several weeks.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Seems like we’ve been waiting forever for a new challenge. You really addressed the energy issue too. The changes all sound great. I also got those elusive pink pampas…I kept selling and selling and waiting for a window to pop up telling me I had unlocked them. I never thought to just go and look in the store!! It’s time to place TTF again. Bye!!

  4. Lemondrops says:

    I love the changes and additions! However, the baskets keep my place from looking its best, and all of the plants with baskets over them will not let me click on them.

  5. Samantha says:

    Thanks so much for now allowing us to send energy and reputation to friends! This makes the game a whole lot more fun to play. :)

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