New Tail Towns Friends GanzWorld Rewards Items


Behold the beautiful new Tail Towns Friends items available in GanzWorld Rewards!


This month on GanzWorld you can get the Orange Cross Country Ski Gnome, the Orange Skating Gnome, the Winter Rock Garden, the Country Fishin’ Hole, and a gorgeous Victorian Manor House!


You can still get all of December 2012′s Tail Towns Friends Items on GanzWorld Rewards too, so save up your Moneyz and get some awesome items to send to your town!

5 Responses to New Tail Towns Friends GanzWorld Rewards Items

  1. sherrie says:


  2. Maggie says:

    I want to earn moneyz for Tail Towns Friends please.

  3. PUNKINPIE55 says:

    love earning the money and playing the games

  4. rbais says:

    never received my red tractor in my TTF inventory….where is it? TY

  5. kitty20 says:

    I Love it!!

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