Mystery Mayhem

Today’s update brings a brand new type of challenge to TTF. Are you ready to explore the unsolved mysteries of Greenwood City? This is a mission not for the faint of heart! But those who accept this test of mousely mettle will earn a reward like no other. Read on to learn more!



Val’s Challenges


For the first time in this update – and every so often from now on – Valerie Von Scribe will visit you and bring a new Goal. Val’s Challenges will be quite difficult and only last for a limited amount of time. Fulfill the requirements before time runs out to earn an EXCLUSIVE item, never before released and not available any other way!


To add an extra challenge, each Goal will have a mystery task. Rather than telling you exactly what needs to be done, you’ll need to try different actions to see what satisfies the task requirement. Use the hints provided in the Goal text and work with other players in the community to help narrow it down and solve the mystery!


As the deadline for the Goal gets closer, Val will be posting more hints on the Tail Towns Friends fan page to help anyone who’s stumped. Make sure you Like the page to get the latest!


The first challenge Goal will be available to anyone who is Level 15 or higher. We may adjust this value, as well as the difficulty of future Goals, depending on the results of this first round. Thanks in advance for your feedback to help make this new feature great!



Baker and Fashion Designer On Sale!

For a limited time only, get the Baker and Fashion Designer for only 75 Cashews each – that’s 50% off!


We’ve also made it easier than ever to take advantage of our virtual figurine sales. Just look for the promotional popup when you first login. The figurine sales have now been added to the popup rotation, so all you have to do is click the “Get It” button!


If you already own that Figurine, clicking “Get It” will give you their FSI, also for the reduced price.



Complete Your Mod Look!

Also going live in this update is the last set of Mod items. There are 4 new items in the Decorations section, 2 in Water, and one incredible new House that is “shore” to impress!


To celebrate the release of these new items, we’re offering a very special late-summer sale. Soak up the sun rays before they’re gone with this ultra-cool pool party set! Look for this sale in the promo popup when you load the game.




Other Changes

  • 4 more Lots have been unlocked for purchase along the bottom-right side of your property. Enjoy the expansion!
  • Bug with the Well of Wonder lot that was hindering new players has been fixed. If you’re currently stuck at this Goal, you will now be able to buy the lot and progress.
  • Bug with Devin’s Diner only awarding 1 Key per Star has been fixed. It now awards 2, like the other city businesses.
  • Bug with selling Flowers not updating a task correctly in one of the Florist’s goals has been fixed.


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  1. Sandysims2 says:

    Hello, I am level 33 and have not been prompted for the Gnome Home, I would so love to have one, is there any way of access to this quest? Thank you for your time, Sandy {So love TTF}

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