More FSIs, More Land, More FUN!

We’ve got a great surprise for you this afternoon: the latest update to your favorite game is about to go live! What will this release bring to the ever-growing world of Greenwood? Read on to find out!



Get More from your Figurines!

As players who own a Figurine already know, the Figurine Signature Items are some of the coolest and most rewarding items in the game. And they’re about to get even better, because as of this update, you can buy multiple FSIs for any Figurine you own! Look for them in the “Businesses” section of the Store.


Here’s how it works:


  1. Buy a TTF Figurine from your local retailer and enter the code. OR:
    1. Click the Figurine Collections button at the top-right of the game.
    2. Go to the “Collections” tab.
    3. Click the Figurine who’s story and item you’re interested in.
    4. Click the green “Buy” button at the bottom of the page. This will let you play through the character’s story and get all associated rewards for Cashews, without needing to buy a physical Figurine.
  2. Play through the Figurine’s Secret Diary Goals to get your first FSI for FREE.
  3. If you want another copy of the same FSI, open the Store and click the “Businesses” tab (now at the far right).
  4. You’ll see the FSIs for all Figurines you own offered for sale.
  5. Buy the FSI like any other item.


Like always, you’ll be able to collect from each FSI once a day for a big reward. Each FSI click gives you:


    • 3 Energy
    • 12 TT Points PLUS 1 Bonus TT Point for each Figurine you own
      • So players who own all 13 Figurines will get 25 TTP from each FSI.
      • Note that this bonus is based on the number of Figurines you own. So owning 2 Baker FSIs won’t give you a better bonus on each click, BUT it will give you another FSI to click every day. :)
    • 1 Cashew for every 13 FSI clicks
      • So players who own 13 FSIs will get 1 Cashew every day, whereas a player who owns 1 will get a Cashew every 13 days.
      • In this case, multiples of the same FSI will help you get the Cashew faster, since it’s based on the number of clicks. So owning 13 Baker FSIs will get you 1 Cashew a day!


When a Neighbor collects from one of your FSIs, they’ll get:


    • 1 Energy*
    • 50 Acorns


*We’re happy to report that the bug with not getting your 1 Energy from Neighbors’ FSIs when you were at your cap has been fixed. So you will always get the full rewards when harvesting at a friend’s place!


Buy more FSIs, get more rewards for you AND your Neighbors!



Chef and Florist On Sale!

The next two Figurines have now gone on sale! For a limited time only, get the Chef and Florist for only 75 Cashews each – that’s 50% off! See the instructions above on how to purchase virtual Figurines.


If you already have these Figurines, their FSIs will now be on sale as well. Check the “Businesses” section of the Store to get either FSI for the same discount of 50%!


Good Golly, A Trolley!

Many of you have been asking when the Baking businesses will be making their big return, and the answer is – now! Visit Jake at the Construction Center to build the brand new Baker’s Trolley. You’ll also need a Water Mill to process Grains into Flour, if you don’t have one already.


In addition, Emily’s Bakery can now be unlocked from City Hall. The Silver and Gold-level Baking businesses, as well as the Goals about Emily, Bjorn, and their half-baked adventures, will be returning soon!



Beat the Virtual Heat

Summer isn’t over yet! To keep the celebration going, we’ve got a brand new sale for you to dive into.



You might remember the pool items from the Sports theme that we launched during last year’s Olympics. They’re back, and ready to help your hard-working Critterzens enjoy some well-deserved summer fun!


Look for this sale in the promo pop-up everytime you load the game.



Other Changes

  • 4 more Lots have been unlocked for purchase along the right side of your property. Time to expand your land again!
  • A technical change was made on the backend that should hopefully improve overall loading times and game performance.
  • Premium Seed sales have been rotated. The Eggplant and Tangerine are back at full price, and the Ruby Rose is now on sale for a limited time. Look for it in the promotional pop-up.
  • Bug with new Silver and Gold businesses not reducing the associated City Location stars has been fixed. This should make it easier to earn City Keys by doing promotions in Greenwood City.
  • Bug with Unexpected Guests not completing the task correctly has been fixed.


Finally, the entire team would like to take this time to say a huge “THANK YOU” to all of our fans old and new. Your unwavering support over the past few weeks has been phenomenal, and we are committed to continue bringing you new content and more gameplay improvements in every update.


Thanks for being the best. See you in Greenwood!

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  1. mamakins says:

    Thank you for all your work on this fun Facebook game.

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    Thank you so much!!!

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    Sound awesome, have to check it out now. Thank you for all the hard work.

  4. fallenstar80 says:

    I am a new player and I am excited for the new updates.

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