Love is in the Air in Greenwood City!

Hello, critters! We’re releasing the latest update to Tail Towns Friends today and it’s an exciting one. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this update is all about LOVE… and the trouble it can cause for our Friends in Greenwood.


Valentine’s items added to the Store!
Brand new items have been added to the Decorations, Nature, and Houses sections of the Store, all with a Valentine’s theme. Add a touch of romance to your lawn with the Shot at Love Statue or get in the mood of the season with the Love Shack.


Lovers’ Crossing bridge added to the Workbench
Complete your Valentine’s collection with this brand new addition to the Crafting Workbench. Like the Store items, it will only be available for a limited time, so start collecting your Flowers and Wood now!


New storyline – Emily meets her personal Love Doctor
Emily has quickly become one of your best friends in Greenwood… but did you ever wonder how she first moved to the big city? Wonder no more, as there are 4 new goals that reveal some of her back story. Including her first meeting with another of Greenwood’s newest arrivals – the dreamy Dr. Ethan Tallfur.


Has Cupid made the perfect match? Or will one of them end up CRUSHed?


Figurines on sale!
Our holiday Figurine sale was so popular, we’ve decided to extend it for two of our most lovestruck critters – George the Gardener and Diego the Soccer Player. If you haven’t picked up either of them yet, now is the perfect time to open up the Figurine Collections tab and play through their stories of romance and… romance.


New Premium Seeds added to the Store
The Ruby Rose and the Eggplant can now be found in the Seeds section of the Store. Plant some today to get huge harvests!

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