Figurines, Healthy Greens, and Modern Themes!


Thinking about buying a Tail Towns figurine? Our newest update, launching today, makes it more rewarding than ever! And that’s just the start of the exciting new content, which includes more items, more businesses, and more land. Read all the details below!



Figurine Special Items are Better than Ever!

As TTF veterans will know, purchasing a Figurine unlocks a brand new set of goals, at the end of which a Figurine Special Item is awarded. Clicking on these items gives you a special reward once a day. In this update, we’ve revamped these FSI rewards to make them even more valuable!


When you collect from one of your own FSIs, you’ll get:


    • 3 Energy
    • 12 TT Points PLUS 1 Bonus TT Point for each Figurine you own
      • So players who own all 13 Figurines will get 25 TTP from each FSI, for a total of 325 every day
    • 1 Cashew for every 13 FSI clicks
      • So players who own all 13 will get 1 Cashew every day, whereas a player who owns 1 will get a Cashew every 13 days


When you collect from a neighbor’s FSI, you’ll get:


    • 1 Energy*
    • 50 Acorns


Buy a Figurine today and get these fantastic benefits for both you and your friends! Collect them all to have a ton of critter fun and rake in the TT Points.


If you want to get all the rewards without the physical Figurine, you can always purchase a virtual version for Cashews. Simply click on the “Figurine Collection” button at the top-right, then click on “Collections” and choose the Figurine you want. You’ll see the button to purchase for Cashews at the bottom of the window.


*There is currently a bug when collecting from FSIs at friends’ places. If your Energy bar is at or above the cap, you won’t get the reward. So make sure you click when your bar is depleted. We’re looking into fixing this in a future update. This does NOT apply to FSIs at your own place, which correctly give you the +3 Energy even if you’re above the cap.



Snacks Are Back!

The Silver and Gold level Snack businesses have been added to the Construction Center. Pay Jake Hammer a visit to build the Market Snack Stand and the Corner Snack Stop and boost your Acorn-making capacity. Or, if you can’t wait, buy them for Cashews from the Store!



The goals associated with the Silver Snack business have been re-activated as well. If you’ve been playing since before the big update, you likely completed them already, in which case you won’t see them. Newer players will be able to play through them once they reach Level 16. Get ready for some crazy shenanigans at the Peace-Love-Eat festival!



Get in the Mood to be Mod!

You may have noticed that there were fewer Mod items in the Store, compared to the other themes. But not for long!


In this update, we’ve added 10 new Mod items to the Decorations, Water, and Houses sections of the Store – 3 for Cashews and 7 for Acorns. Be sure to check out the particularly impressive Mod designer house, “The Palatial”. Only 599,000 Acorns!

The Mod theme begins unlocking at Level 24.


Other Changes

    • 4 new Lots have been made available for purchase. They are to the right of the top-most block that was previously unlocked.
    • A few task and NPC images were fixed in the Goals. This won’t affect most current players, but new players coming through will have a better experience and benefit from your feedback!
    • A bug was fixed with Levels 35-38, which previously only awarded 1 Cashew on level up. They now give the full 5 Cashews like other levels. If you were affected by this issue, please contact Customer Support to get your missing Cashews.


Happy decorating, and see you in Greenwood!

2 Responses to Figurines, Healthy Greens, and Modern Themes!

  1. corgilover1029 says:

    Looking so forward now getting back to the game! The new Mod designer house looks awesome will have to save up. Own 3 Figurines already so happy about the update there, will for sure get more love the goals what come with them too. Keep up the good work and thanks for listening!

  2. sebz says:

    I can’t wait, I have 10 figurines already. Thank you!

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