Fall In Love With Our Autumn Items!


Sad to see the summer go? You won’t be anymore, once you get a look at the beautiful Fall theme decor in TTF’s latest update! Also coming to the game are revisions to some goals that newer players may not have seen, as well as a spectacular “End of Summer” sale. Read on for the goods!



Fall Theme Now Available

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year, and nowhere is that more true than in TTF! The complete Fall theme can now be purchased from the Store, with 7 items in the Decorations section and 17 in Nature.


Veteran TTF-ers will notice that there are some items that have never been available for purchase before! These items were previously part of the Ganz World Rewards program, and can now be bought for Cashews right within the game. Happy harvest season!



Emily’s Bakery Goals Are Back!

Newer TTF fans may have wondered how Emily went from a simple country mouse living in the Orchard to running her very own Bakery in Greenwood City. Wonder no more! This update brings the storyline of how Emily opened her Bakery – along with some unrequested help from Bjorn the Baker – to players who didn’t get to play through it in the earlier version of the game.


The order of these Goals has been tweaked to fit the new game experience. A Friend in Knead launches after True Grist in the main storyline. Reality Bites launches after Piece of Cake in the wedding storyline. If you’ve completed these Goals already, the new ones will launch for you right away.


As with the other Business-related Goals, veteran players who completed them previously will not need to complete them again.



Mother and Birthday Boy On Sale!

For a limited time only, get the Mother and Birthday Boy for only 75 Cashews each – 50% off the regular price!


Look for them in the promotional pop-up rotation when you first login. If you already own either Figurine, clicking “Get It” on the pop-up will give you their FSI, also for the reduced price. Or you can purchase their discounted FSI from the Businesses section of the Store.



Say Goodbye to Summer in Sporty Style!

Now that the leaves are starting to change color around Greenwood, we’ll be saying goodbye to our summer Sports theme very soon. If you’ve had your eye on any of these items, get them NOW – for 50% off! That’s right, the whole theme is half-off in the Store!



You can also buy the whole theme at once for only 149 Cashews, from the promotional pop-up shown above. This never-before-seen offer is cooler than a crisp autumn breeze!



Other Changes

  • The deadline has been removed from Gnome Sweet Home, so you can complete it at your own pace.
  • Also, Val’s Challenges won’t begin until Level 25 now. Since there will be no more deadlines for these Goals, you’ll have all the time you need to work your way up to this Level and start earning some exclusive prizes!
  • The Figurine Collections button and interface have been tweaked to make this feature easier to use.
  • We’ve made some changes to how payments are accepted when purchasing Cashews or Acorns packs, to comply with changes made by Facebook. The only real difference you should see is a 6-second delay after making a purchase. Once the purchase is complete, you will get a popup message in the game and your currency total will be updated.
  • Bug with the Wispy Willow tree overlapping one of the lower Lots has been fixed.

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