Design Your Valentine’s Getaway!


Our Fall Fest contest was such a success that we’ve decided to do another one, just in time for Valentine’s Day! We’ll be selecting the winners a little differently this time, with TWO ways to win and TWO amazing prizes to be won. Read on for all the details!




The contest will run from Thursday, January 30th until midnight EST on Monday, Feburary 17th. You’ll have this whole time period to submit your contest entry and vote on others.


For the duration of the contest, we’ll select a winning image every Tuesday and Thursday, with the first winner being announced on Tuesday, February 4th and the final winner on Tuesday, February 18th.


Each winning image will be posted on the Tail Town Friends Facebook page. We’ll then ask everyone to Share the image, and ANOTHER winner will be randomly selected from all those who Share it to their Facebook timeline. This means that, even if you don’t want to enter the Share Center portion of the contest, you still have a chance to win!


There will be 10 total winners over the duration of the contest – 5 selected from the Share center, and 5 randomly selected after Sharing on Facebook.




Entering the Valentine’s contest is easy to do! To submit your image to the Share Center:

  1. Build your ultimate Valetine’s Getaway in Tail Towns Friends! There are no specifications about what it needs to look like, we’re giving you complete artistic freedom. It just needs to in some way match the theme of “Valentine’s Day”.
  2. When you’re happy with your design, take a screenshot of it.*
  3. Sign up for an account on Ganz World if you don’t have one already. It only takes a minute! :)
  4. Go to the Share Center and submit your image to the TTF Valentine’s Day gallery.
  5. Be sure to rate other players’ entries while you’re there! While the top-voted entries won’t necessarily win, it’s a fun way to show your appreciation for others’ designs.


*A very important note: Your screenshot MUST show the top part of the game interface, including your name and Level bar, in order to qualify. This is so that we can ensure that no one else tries to visit you, take a screenshot of your place, and pass it off as their own.


You can read the full contest rules here.



What do I win?

Now for the best part… the PRIZES! There will be two different prizes: one for the winners whose images are selected from the Share Center, and another for the winners who are randomly selected after Sharing on Facebook.


5 Share Center winners - These will be hand-picked by TTF staff. We’ll be looking in particular for the images that use items in a unique or creative way. All Share Center winners will get this beautiful Magnolia Tree!


5 Facebook winners- These are the winners who will be randomly selected from all those who Share an image on Facebook. They will win the incredible Winter Chapel!


We hope that this new contest format will get you even more excited about decorating for Valentine’s Day. Let the rose petals fly!


Visit the Tail Towns Friends Valentine’s Getaway gallery on Share Center now!


Read the Contest Rules!

And a friendly reminder, entrants must be 13 years of age or older to participate. In game screenshot images have to be submitted in the Share Center gallery called “Valentine’s Day Getaway Contest” (images posted on Facebook or anywhere else will not be considered) and only one submission per user is allowed.

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