Christmas Has Arrived In Greenwood City!

Happy Holidays, Critters! The Reindeer have come to Tail Towns Friends with our LATEST release, and they’ve gift-wrapped a bunch of great new features!

Christmas Sale – ALL Virtual Figurines 50% off!
As Aria says, we like to open with the highlights! For the month of December, all virtual Figurines will be on sale for 50% off. That’s right, you can meet one of our memorable characters, play through their Secret Diary goals, and get their Signature item for only 75 Cashews! Ho ho ho-ly moley!

Holiday Goals
In the first part of our Holiday storyline, you will get a surprise visit from the REAL brains behind the North Pole’s operations… and it isn’t who you expect! Can you get the halls decked and the bells jingling in time to save Christmas?
3 Goals have been launched in R16, with the final 2 Goals coming soon.

Wild Trees and Rocks can now be harvested!
We’ve introduced 2 brand new Resources to the game – Stone and Wood. Collect Stone by harvesting any large Decorative Rock item. Wood can be harvested from any Decorative Tree labeled as “Wild”.
Rocks and Trees also give you the chance to find 2 uncommon materials – Quartz and Amber, respectively. These will come in very handy when crafting your own Christmas trees. Speaking of which…


The Decoration Shop is the first of 3 new Noel Workshops. It’s particularly special, since it allows you to craft brand new Holiday decorations that can be placed on your property.
To craft your very own Christmas Tree:
1. Plant an “Noel: Evergreen Seed”. These are in the Seed tab of the Store during this Holiday event.
2. Harvest it to collect one Evergreen.
3. The Decoration Shop lets you combine an Evergreen with the Quartz and Amber dropped by Rocks and Wild Trees to create a brand new Christmas Tree item!
In total, you can craft 3 different Trees and 3 different Holiday Gnomes. Keep increasing your Holiday Spirit to unlock them all!
What’s Holiday Spirit, you ask? Well, that brings us to…

2 MORE New Noel Workshops

In addition to the Decoration Shop, you can also build a Toy Shop and Candy Shop at your Orchard. Play through the Holiday goal chain to unlock each one.
The Toy and Candy Shops are where you fill Orders to send off to the North Pole.
Each Order you fill increases your Holiday Spirit, which is essential for keeping Panda Claus’ magic sleigh in the air come Christmas Eve!

New Noel and Winter Items in the Store

Many new Noel and Winter items have been released. Most of the Decorations in the Store are for Cashews – but don’t forget the 3 Workshops and 6 craft-ables, which don’t need any Cashews at all. 
Any Noel or Winter item you buy will increase not only your Décor Score, but also your Holiday Spirit!

New sales and promotions
In addition to the Figurines, we have some new sales offered on our promotional popup:
1. Bird of Paradise – 25% off!
2. Victorian Iron Fence – 25% off!
3. 2,500 Acorns Pack – 20% off!

New intro to the game
Players who are just starting out will see a new introductory dialogue between Devin and Aria. This is our first foray into a new “comic book” style of dialogue that will let us tell stories that are even more scandalous and fur-raising!

More Story!
With all the Holiday excitement going on, a critter could almost forget about that OTHER big Greenwood event – Rene and Abigail’s wedding!
This release has 2 more Goals in the Bachelor Party storyline, to be continued soon.

New Deals!
Starting with this release, Tail Towns Friends will be offering some items at reduced prices, as well as some special deals. Check out the new pop-up when you log-in to take advantage before they go away.

On behalf of the entire TTF team – best wishes for the season, and thanks for playing!

Alex L.
Writer/Designer on Tail Towns Friends

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