A Valentine’s Treat!


Valentine’s Day will be here soon, and we’ve got a gift for you that’s sweeter than a box of chocolates: a TTF update! The return of the Valentine’s theme is just the beginning.


Read on for the details, or play Tail Towns Friends now to see for yourself!



Valentine’s and Winter items now available!



Our full Valentine’s item theme and the rest of the Winter theme are coming to the Store in this release. Both themes include BRAND NEW items that have never been available before! Let your critterzens take a walk through a snowy winter wonderland, then snuggle up by the fire with a special someone in the Fantasy Romance Castle.


Don’t forget to check out your Crafting Workbench, too: the Lovers’ Crossing bridge is available to craft again this year, for a limited time only!


Also, we’re offering a VERY special seasonal sale that could warm even William Rete’s icy heart (well… maybe). More details on this further down!



Virtual characters at a new low regular price!

While our holiday sale that offered all virtual characters for 50% off has come to an end, we hope you’ll be excited by the news that from now on, they’ll be offered for a new LOW regular price! Get them year-round for only 90 Cashews each!

In addition, we’re currently offering the Nurse and Soccer Player at only 70 Cashews, or 25% off the new regular price. Both of these characters feature love in their storylines – and of course, in Greenwood, love stories never quite turn out as expected.


Look for them in the promotional pop-up rotation when you first log in. If you already own either Figurine, clicking “Get It” on the pop-up will give you their FSI, also for the reduced price. Or you can purchase their discounted FSI from the Businesses section of the Store.



Val’s Challenge lets you climb to new heights

Valerie Von Scribe is back again, with an urgent mission that only Country can complete! Can you help her save this Ancient Tower, an important part of Greenwood’s history, from imminent destruction?


This Goal launches after the completion of the previous Pages of the Past challenge, so you’ll need to be Level 25 in order to see it. Don’t worry though – there’s no time limit, so you have as long as you need to work your way up to it.



Get bakin’ with new Businesses!

You may have seen these fantastic Bakery businesses at your friends’ places and wondered how you can get your paws on some of your own. Well, now you can! As of this update, both the Shakin’ Bakin’ Booth and the Golden Grain Bakery will be available to craft at the Construction Center, or buy from the Store for Cashews. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh-baked bread to keep your critterzens happy!


The final two goals in the Bakery business chain have been re-activated as well. You will see the first one launch after you complete the previous Bakery goal, Bakers Can’t Be Chew-sers, and also reach Level 20.


As with the other Business-related Goals, veteran players who completed them previously will not need to complete them again.


A Sweetheart of A Deal!

We have a very exciting package deal in this update, different from any we’ve offered so far. For a limited time, buy this Valetine’s theme package and get an EXCLUSIVE blue version of the Fantasy Romance Castle! This is the only way you can get this item.


Set up your dream fantasy kingdom for a prince and princess, complete with a gorgeous statue for the courtyard and a bridge to join the two castles. Look for the promotional pop-up when you first log in!


Also, Ruby Roses are on sale for 50% off, either via the promo pop-up or in the Store. And, for a balmier kind of romantic retreat, the Tuscan Villa Grande is 50% off too! All sales are for a limited time only, so take advantage of these great deals while you can.



Other Changes

  • There are 3 new Lots available, at the top-right, below the 3 that were unlocked in the previous update.
  • The Valentine Gnome Couple has been added to the Free Gifts page.
  • Christmas content has been de-activated, which includes items, goals, and music.
  • You’ll notice some new ads running underneath the game itself. For those who aren’t interested, they shouldn’t have any impact on your overall game experience.


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