A Feast of Free Energy!


With Thanksgiving coming up, the whole team here at TTF wants to give the biggest thanks possible to our amazing fans – and we’re doing so with a great new update! It’s practically a PARADE of fantastic new items and gameplay. Read on for the delicious details.



Unlimited Energy is back!

If you’ve been a TTF-er for a while now, you’ll remember our first Unlimited Energy Week and how much fun it was. We’re happy to announce that this promotion is back and even better this time around!



Starting as of your first login after the update, you’ll have exactly 7 days to do any action in the game without reducing your Energy count. This includes harvesting, collecting from Business Orders, promoting City Businesses, clearing withered Seeds, and anything else you can think of!


After your 7 days are over, the promotion will run out and Energy will automatically start being deducted again. In the meantime, you can still get Energy from the usual sources like gifts and FSIs (with the exception of the Energy awarded on friend visits). So stock up while you can!


Note that the promo starts whenever YOU first log in, so you don’t have to rearrange your schedule in order to accomodate it. If you can’t log in until 3 days or even a week from now, you’ll still have the same amount of time to enjoy Unlimited Energy. :)



Thanksgiving theme now available!




Check out these eye-popping Thanksgiving items that are coming to the Store in this release. Host a parade and let your Critterzens watch it from the comfort of a luxury banquet table!


Also, keep an eye out for the very special seasonal sale that we’re offering. Get all of the parade floats for one low price when you buy them from the promotional pop-up. Act quick before this promo “floats” away!



Dig up buried secrets in a brand new Challenge

Valerie Von Scribe is back, with another glimpse into the unsolved myseteries of Greenwood City! This time, she has you searching for lost pages from the journal of that famed mouse explorer, Pawnce de Provolone. Will you be able to put the pieces together to uncover the long lost Secret Spring?


Legend has it that any critter who finds the Spring will be rewarded… with Energy points, once every day! Could there be any truth to these wondrous tales? Only one way to find out!


This Goal launches after the completion of the Gnome Sweet Home challenge, which is unlocked at Level 25.



Night on the Town and Ballerina 50% off

For a limited time only, get the Night on the Town fox and Ballerina for only 75 Cashews each – 50% off the regular price!


Look for them in the promotional pop-up rotation when you first login. If you already own either Figurine, clicking “Get It” on the pop-up will give you their FSI, also for the reduced price. Or you can purchase their discounted FSI from the Businesses section of the Store.



Sales, Sales, Sales!

We have a holiday feast of sales on offer in this update.


As winter is fast approaching, we’ve reduced ALL of our Fall theme items to 50% off, so that you can enjoy the gorgeous fall colours just a little bit longer. Look for the promotional pop-up when you first log in that lets you get all of the premium Fall items for one low price!


We’ve also released the Fall vegetables – Pumpkin, Squash, and Delicata Squash – so that you can get in a big harvest before the frost. Pumpkin Seeds are on sale for a reduced price, either in the Store or via the promo pop-up.


Last but certainly not least, our fans have been asking for House sales for a long time… and we’re happy to bring you the first of many in this update! For a limited time, get the Mod Floating House for 50% OFF, either in the Store or from the promotional pop-up. This House gives you 36 Critterzens and is one of the best in the game, so take advantage while you can!



Other Changes

  • There are 3 new Lots available, completing the bottom-most row that has been unlocked so far.
  • We’ve added more Levels to the game, up to Level 125. This should correct the issue experienced by players who had reached Level 99 and couldn’t earn any more TT Points.
  • Thanksgiving Pilgrim Gnomes have been added to the Free Gifts page.
  • Madison’s place has been updated for Thanksgiving.
  • Halloween content has been de-activated, which includes items, goals, music, and Evil Iris’ place.


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